By incorporating intelligent technology into our buildings, we build tools to reshape our relationship with them and the cities that we live in.

Buildings used to be considered a safe investment but can also be a challenge due to bills, taxes, updates, compliance requirements and depreciation worries.

Comfort, Efficiency and Engagement need to be at the core of our built environment to be the drivers of a sustainable future.

Buildings are strong environmental, economical and social assets.

We realise their full potential thanks to smart solutions that improve efficiency, comfort and engagement.

We value indoor comfort as a key for a better life

Most of our everyday life is spent outside of our homes, this is why buildings that truly support the customer’s experience, the employees’ well being, and students’ learning are core not only to business success but also to a better quality of life.

We believe great technology grows your business

A truly smart system should be plug&play, automatically learn from your usage, requiring zero-maintenance and providing real-time feedback, allowing you to focus time and money on growing your business rather than worrying about technology.

We believe in reliable, scalable and up-to-date services

A building has a much longer lifespan than any of its systems such as security, HVACs, lighting and electrical, water supplies… By implementing distributed brains rather than powerful muscles, buildings evolve as your business does.

We are your partner

We partner with owners, managers and occupants to provide integrated solutions. This model not only let us tailor better systems, but it allows us to implement sustainable solutions that become a core part of buildings and improve people’s life.

Our Team:

Giuseppe Giordano

Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Architecture and a Masters degree in Sustainable Design. He was the director of design at Curb Energy and has 5 years of experience as startup lead product manager.

Marco Martellacci

Chief Scientist

Marco co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Applied scientific research and a degree in Cybernetic Physics. Expert in Business intelligence and patents, he has a 20 years experience on data and algorithms.

Filippo Ferraris

Chief Channel Officer

Filippo co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Architecture and a Masters in Architectural Design. He was the USA sales manager at PBA Spa and has 7 years of experience in building architecture, audit and quality.

Alexis Susset

Chief Technology Officer

Alexis co-founded Enerbrain. His background is in ICT, previous Principal Technologist at Vodafone, where he built their private cloud. He has over 10 years experience in enterprise cloud products and solutions.

Francesca Freyria

Research & Development

Francesca co-founded Enerbrain. She has a background in Environmental Engineering and is an expert in energy savings and non-conventional energy. She has experience in academic research.

Daniela Raimondo

Innovation Researcher

Daniela has a background in Architecture and a PhD in Building Physics. She is expert in energy consumptions and comfort assessment. She has experience in academic research.

Amos Ronzino

Innovation Researcher

Amos has an Architecture background and a PhD in Building Physics. He is expert of building systems performance, energy technological innovations and IoT. He worked on academic research.

Debora Del Vecchio

Marketing & Communications

Debora has a Design and Visual Communication background. She worked as marketing sales manager and communication developer. She worked also on social media marketing.

Jon Deneuville

Sustainability Lead

Through Europe, Latin and North America, Jon has seen the negative impact human activity has on communities. With this belief he is completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Sustainability in Canada.

Jacqueline Castaneda

Smart City Specialist

Jacqueline has a background in Architecture developed between Mexico and Italy, where she worked on architectural design, urban acupuncture, mobility strategies and urban planning for smart cities.

Advisory Board:

Montserrat Corominas – Business Development Advisor
Enrico Castellani – Marketing & Sales Advisor
Aldo Coronelli – Financial Advisor


Maximiliano Mancin – Media & Business Development
Vittorio Vocino – Business Analyst
Christian Giordano – Public Administration
Maurizio Ferraris – Electronic Engineering