Our Values

We are your partner,
your goals are our goals

We are close to our clients to provide them integrated solutions. This model not only let us tailor better systems, but it allows us to implement sustainable solutions that become a core part of buildings and improve people’s life.

We consider indoor comfort the key for a better life

We spend most of our lives indoor, that’s why buildings have an impact on the customer’s experience, employees’ well being, and students’ learning.  A good building management means also better quality of life. 

We believe great technology grows your business

A truly smart system should be plug&play, automatically learn from your usage, requiring zero-maintenance and providing real-time feedback, allowing you to focus time, money and resources on growing your business.

We believe in reliable, scalable and up-to-date services

A building has a much longer lifespan than any of its systems such as security, HVACs, lighting and electrical… By implementing distributed brains rather than powerful muscles, buildings evolve as your business does.

… It’s all about people

Our Team:

Giuseppe Giordano

Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Architecture and a Masters degree in Sustainable Design. He was the director of design at Curb Energy and has 5 years of experience as startup lead product manager.

Marco Martellacci

Chief Scientist

Marco co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Applied scientific research and a degree in Cybernetic Physics. Expert in Business intelligence and patents, he has a 20 years experience on data and algorithms.

Filippo Ferraris

Chief Product Officer

Filippo co-founded Enerbrain. He has a background in Architecture and a Masters in Architectural Design. He was the USA sales manager at PBA Spa and has 7 years of experience in building architecture, audit and quality.

Francesca Freyria

Research & Development

Francesca co-founded Enerbrain. She has a background in Environmental Engineering and is an expert in energy savings and non-conventional energy. She has experience in academic research at MIT.

Alessandra Mura

Sales & Marketing Director

Alessandra has a PhD in Economy. She worked for 15 years in multinational FMCG companies, assuming different roles and responsibilities in Marketing, Trade Marketing and Sales.

Mauro Dulla

Operations Director

Mauro has a background in Industrial Engineering and Management. He worked for 19 years in multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, moving from IT to Supply Chain, and Marketing.

Jacopo Toniolo

Industry & Consulting Director

Jacopo is an environmental engineer with a PhD in Energy. For 10 years he has been monitoring energy consumption and design of mechanical systems. He is a research assistant at the Polytechnic of Turin.

Andrea Vassia

General Counsel

Andrea has legal and corporate finance backgrounds developed in top tier law firms and UK universities and has experience in business strategy, investment and commercial contracts.

Amos Ronzino

Customer Success Manager

Amos has an Architecture background and a PhD in Building Physics. He is expert of building systems performance, energy technological innovations and IoT. He worked on academic research.

Daniela Raimondo

Customer Success Manager

Daniela has a background in Architecture and a PhD in Building Physics. She is expert in energy consumptions and comfort assessment. She has experience in academic research.

Luca Barzizza

Customer Success Manager

Luca has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has experience in PM in Aftermarket in the Automotive field, with responsibility for the development of product industrialization.

Enrico Airò Farulla

Field Engineer

Enrico has a background in Energy Engineering. He studied in Germany and then he graduated at Politecnico di Torino, where he has completed a Postgraduate Specialisation in Energy Efficiency.

Maurizio Ferraris

Hardware Engineer

Maurizio has a master in Electronic Engineering. He is expert in hw and sw design for embedded systems. He has a long experience in different fields like automotive, building and industrial automation.

Fabio Baravalle


Fabio has a background in Software Development and Scalable Architecture. He has accumulated experience working in IT, more specifically as a researcher, backend and DevOps.

Lorenzo Mancuso


Lorenzo has a background in Computer Science and he is specializing in AI at the University of Turin. He has worked as a frontend and backend developer especially in the Web App field.

Luca Laudiero


Luca has graduated in computer science and is now specializing in AI, with an inclination to Project Management. He has worked as a frontend and backend developer especially in the Web App field.

Maximiliano Mancin

Media & Business Development

Maximiliano has a background as Change and Quality Manager. He has a long experience as ISO coordinator and auditor in the field of exhibition equipment, and is a business consultant, filemaker developer and data analyst.

Debora Del Vecchio

Marketing & Communication

Debora has a Design and Visual Communication background. She worked as marketing sales manager and communication developer. She worked also on social media marketing, product design, online and offline press.

Davide Morciano

Data Scientist

Davide graduated in Mathematics for Engineering and currently attends the Mathematical Engineering course at the Polytechnic of Turin, with guidance on statistics and optimization. He deals with problems in a formal way.

Andrea Marcis

Automation Technician

Andrea has a background in electronics and electrical engineering. He holds an undergraduate degree in mechatronics and automation systems. He spent five year working in renewable energy field.

Arthur Fazio


Arthur has a background of electronics and electrical engineering. He has a degree in electronics. He is experienced in assembling electronic circuits and devices and also in embedded projects

Alexandra Mihoc


Alexandra has a background in Accounting, she then proceeded to work in an Accounting Firm, and completed a Bachelor in Business Administration in Turin, where she learnt to apply a systematic approach.

Jon Deneuville

Sustainability Lead

Jon has a Bachelor in Commerce from McGill University in Canada. During his studies, he specialised in the environmental and social impact of Businesses and NGOs.

Consultants to Special Projects:

Graziella Roccella

Smart City Researcher

Graziella, PhD, has been teaching Architectural and Urban Design at Politecnico di Torino. Her research is focused on Smart City and Land. She is consultant for Urban Regeneration Strategies.

Alessandro Varalda

Smart Projects / Technology & IOT

Alessandro has a master in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Infrastructures and Transport Systems. He has a background in mobility planning and spatial geolocalized data analysis.

Giacomo Lanino


Giacomo has a background in engineering. He has worked in the field of distribution and transmission of electricity and has experience in the fields of plant engineering and technical survey.

Barbara Melis

Smart Projects / Technology & IOT

Barbara has a PhD in Design and Architecture Technology. She has conducted academic and didactic research on the rational use of energy in the urban environment, and has worked on Smart Cities.

Advisory Board:

Alexis Susset

CTO Advisor

Alexis comes with long experience as Technologist in Vodafone where he developed its Hybrid Cloud. He co-founded Enerbrain and developped its products and services technological architecture. While expanding Enerbrain's reach by working as Technology Evangelist at Soracom, he continues to support its technology leadership.

Enrico Castellani

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Enrico has a degree in Economics (Università degli Studi di Torino). He has a strong management experience in Marketing, Sales and Trade Marketing, both in Consumer Goods and Business to Business and worked in Italy and other foreign countries mainly in multinational companies like Kimberly Clark. He is the Marketing & Sales Advisor.

Davide Canavesio

Strategic Advisor

Davide is CEO of Environment Park and TNE Torino Nuova Economia. He graduated with full marks in Economics and Trade and began his career cooperating with the United Nations in Nairobi. Since 2013 he is Board Member of Fondazione CRT. He is also CEO of SAET, the Company founded by his family specialized in induction technology.

Rajesh Sharma

Strategic Advisor

Raj holds MBA in General management and Masters in engineering. He has experience with top tier companies. He has been responsible for successful turnaround of Mid size French Telecom software company and great exit of French Smart City software platform provider to ENGIE.

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