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Do you want to lose 26% weight?

The new year started almost a month ago and a lot of people and companies are making their New Year's resolutions. Some of you already gave up with pushups, some of you are still struggling to get up 15min earlier to find time to do burpees exercise. So let's dive into the most common New Year's resolutions, with a bit of a twist. 26% of people want to lose weight. We know this weird feeling once we step on scale and number boosts over the preferred figure. 26% of the people have made their resolutions to lose weight. In Enerbrain, we talk about taking the weight off your energy bill. If you want to see results you need to ask yourself which is your ideal weight first. We have achieved an average 'weight loss' between 20-40% in more than 350 projects in different climate zones. 23% of people want to save money or get out of debt. Saving money or stopping the waste is another popular New Year’s resolution. People have different dreams, to invest in insulation, change windows, change the roof. Once you are in debt, it is a bit more complicated. While facing a crisis, sometimes you are…
Building Management

How can you find a great building management system partner?

When picking the partner to monitor and control what is going on in your building or portfolio, it is important to make the right decision at the very beginning. The decision you make will affect your day to day work for years or maybe even for the rest of your building´s lifetime. Some of the solution providers say that in order to achieve true energy efficiency in your building, you have to buy a new air handling unit. To swap this one would be costly and it may not bring the desired result. Imagine a big truck in front of you with the trailer - this can be the size of the air handling unit that was placed inside the technical room during construction of your building. Technology development gives us more options to play with. You can turn your existing air handling unit more energy-efficient by using smart integration on top of the existing building management controlling system. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash This is followed by then changing the parts of the system which are most inefficient. This could be for example motors, adding a variable-frequency drive and fans which bring you the efficiency. This intervention is…