We believe that unity is strength. We collaborate with Partners who embrace our philosophy.


We believe that unity is strength. We collaborate with Partners who embrace our philosophy.


2050: the future is now

We want to reduce the question of the environment to 3 numbers: 51 billion, zero and 2050.

The first is the tons of CO2 we currently emit every year into the atmosphere, the second is the objective for the tons of CO2 we need to emit, and the third is the date by which we have to reach this objective.

Enerbrain is doing its part in the field to reach this zero-emissions objective as soon as possible. We’re doing everything we can to speed up energy decarbonisation (the process of reducing carbon intensity) because we know we have to act now.

We plant a tree every time we start a new collaboration. It’s a great thing to see not only collaboration with our partners grow, but also how the tree that represents that relationship grows: Enerbrain’s forest grows a little bigger with every new customer!

How do we reward our customers for the trust they put in us? With a Green Label (currently being prepared), to officially certify their sustainable footprint.

Thanks to our partnership with Up2you we’ve managed to reduce the carbon footprint of our offices to zero, supporting tree planting projects in the local area, throughout Italy and around the world.

Source: “How to avoid a climate disaster” Bill Gates; European Climate Law


Training and curiosity, never cut corners.

We believe that knowledge and curiosity are the key to everything, and we promote training on the themes of environmental sustainability and innovation, sharing ideas and knowledge, taking part in events for both “operators in the sector” and the general public. We support local products, wherever we operate because we firmly believe in the value of local resources.

We make environmental themes interesting for children, in the hope that our progress today will produce results in the future.

Every day we promote awareness for adults using our digital channels, with in-depth information for people working “in the sector”, such as Energy Managers, Building Managers, Facility Managers, etc.

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Sharing, humility and respect: all things we “must-have”!

The average age of our team is 32, 58% of the team are women and 85% graduates; these numbers send a clear message.

We offer a job to 60% of the students who do extra-curricular training with Enerbrain. People training with us don’t just make photocopies, prepare coffee or log data-entries; they’re part of the multi-disciplinary team from day one, and soon have to take on their own responsibilities: we believe the constant development of every team member makes the whole team stronger.

We implement an agile OKR scheme, aimed at maximum transparency of all processes to all employees. Business documents are managed by encouraging the sharing of information and expertise, orienting decisions towards a data-driven logic.

The presence of an Advisory Board supports the management in the conception of strategic initiatives, allowing an international approach. We’re convinced we can only take great steps forward with innovation that’s useful to all with a distinct, shared idea for the future.