Enerbrain in 3 steps

1. Data collection

After an inspection, Enerbrain analyzes the scheme of HVAC systems and the bills of the last 24 months. After that, the facility manager or the entrepreneur receive an estimate of the energy saving potential and the payback of the operation.

2. Installation

Thanks to plug & play sensors and the IoT actuator designed by Enerbrain, the installation is quick and does not require changes to existing systems. In this way, saving and comfort in the environment are guaranteed immediately.

3. Results monitoring

Benefits can be constantly monitored at any time through the Enerbrain app. The set points can also be modified with a simple click according to customer needs.

Enerbrain competitive advantages


Installable on any existing HVAC system.
100% compatible and integrable.


Installable in a short time: it takes only 2 days to set up a surface of 5.000 square meters.


Guarantee of uniqueness of the Enerbrain system. Adaptive proprietary algorithms.


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