Business Analysis applied to energy

Since 2010, most industrial companies have been moving towards a new opportunity offered by the use of integrated technologies 4.0, which allow to overcome production inefficiencies and increase profitability.

The tools offered by the 4.0 industry, in fact, promote collaboration, the integration of human-machine processes and the flexibility to change course and strategy at any time.

“Smart production” is part of the everyday life of almost 50% of large companies that today choose to use ad hoc technologies, ranging from augmented reality to real-time data collection from equipment. Thanks to the evolution of hardware and information systems, it is possible to integrate data in the various production cycles with the progress of work orders, CRM and MES platforms.


In this context, energy monitoring systems are fundamental to pursuing energy efficiency, based on the managerial axiom supported by Rober Kaplan, according to whom“you cannot manage what you cannot measure”..

With this in view, in 2018 Enerbrain starts a collaboration with the Michelin plant in Alessandria in order to use a platform that allows the organization to have a systemic approach in the field of energy.

This is possible because the analysis skills are improved, allowing faster decision-making at the management level.

Since the installation of environmental monitoring probes, Enerbrain’s tools have been able to identify the most critical areas and their impact on operations. The solution was a retrofit system using energy cloud technology on the Air Handling Units.

The Energy Monitoring System is one of the emerging technologies that allow industry to collect real-time information on energy use through the evaluation, monitoring and visualization of energy consumption. This allows, in addition to the analysis of consumption, the improvement of the decision-making ability at operational and financial level. In fact, the possibility of having tools connected and operating autonomously saves time that can be invested in data analysis.

Taking advantage of the previous partnership with Endurance Fondalmec, a constant, flexible, scalable, multi-site energy monitoring platform has been provided. With this solution it is possible to remotely visualize the different energy vectors present in one or more plants, being able to act promptly on the issues identified.


With a focus on continuous improvement, Enerbrain also offers Corporate Social Responsibility solutions and solutions for complying with the obligations imposed by the new regulations.
In particular, Enerbrain provides support in adapting to the new energy policies that offer organizations a recognized framework for the development of an effective energy management system, thanks to the introduction of the new ISO 50001 tool.

The monitoring systems allow the continuous collection of consumption data, thus enabling the automatic creation of reports and material necessary for the control of strategic KPIs. They are essential to comply with the obligation of energy audits for energy-intensive companies, which in this way are in line with the ENEA guidelines scheduled for 2018.

The energy survey makes it possible to verify the energy requalification interventions for the monitoring of the consumption of industrial plants and the control of the AHUs of the building with the highest energy consumption. The Energy Beat option allows the management of retrofit data over time for any requests and revisions.