Why does Corporate Social Responsibility look at children?

In recent years, several companies, such as Carrefour Italia and Conad, have developed projects related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aimed mainly at children.

Dedicating actions, time and resources in this area is crucial for companies.
This is being demanded by society and consumers, who are increasingly attentive and sensitive to these issues.

But let’s first see what is meant by CSR:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pays particular attention to relations with its stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, partners, communities and local institutions, implementing concrete actions for them. This translates into the adoption of a company policy that is able to reconcile the economic objectives with the social and environmental ones of the reference territory, with a view to future sustainability.

Being socially responsible means going beyond mere compliance with the law in force, investing more in human capital, the environment and relations with stakeholders.

The aspects that bring the consumer closer to the brand are CSR, in particular, the commitment to the environment and sustainability. In fact,73% of consumers (data provided by the CSR RepTrak Pulse 2013) advise and prefer products and services of companies that are perceived as sensitive and proactive in ethically supporting the social aspect, production, and management of employees.

Enerbrain’s mission “Your innovation partner for a sustainable future” supports social responsibility; in this regard, Enerbrain has launched a pilot project called “Enerschool” dedicated to primary school children.

The project is based on Enerbrain’s innovative strength, which is at the forefront of raising awareness among the citizens of tomorrow of the important issue of environmental protection, starting with good practices in the field of energy management and encouraging the adoption of new actions to carefully control the energy used.

The project took place over two days: during the first lesson the pupils were asked to imagine, and then draw, behavior and actions aimed at environmental protection.

In the second phase, Enerbrain explained how its system works and how it reduces CO2 emissions to support a more sustainable future.

The children’s original ideas were rewarded with a small certificate and an illustrated notebook dedicated to sustainability and the rational use of energy.

<<I asked for a meeting with Enerbrain experts -says Paola Perga, primary school teacher- because I think it is important that children learn to safeguard the planet we live on, taking inspiration from local initiatives. Some of them could make new discoveries or invent machinery and mechanisms and, who knows, found the Enerbrain of the future!>>

This pilot project has been a personal and corporate enrichment for Enerbrain, we are very satisfied because today’s children will probably be the stakeholders of the future.

The following participated in the project for Enerbrain: Amos Ronzino (Customer Success Manager), Debora Del Vecchio (Marketing & Communication) and Maximiliano Mancin (Quality Manager).

We would like to thank the primary school “Cesare Pavese” of La Cassa (TO), in particular, the teacher Paola Perga.

Founded in 2015 within the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin, Enerbrain has developed energy retrofit solutions for large buildings that allow drastic cuts in consumption as well as the significant improvement of indoor comfort.