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Seven inhibitors that hold you back from being successful in implementing a fully optimised building management system.

There are so many hurdles and complications we create for ourselves whilst trying to fix a myriad of problems in our everyday work. It is understandable because we are not experts in everything and we also don’t have to be. The more we look around us the more we recognise everything is much more connected than it has ever been. Nature of work is becoming more transversal. The days of specialists are over, systems are doing this part of the…

Why Deep Learning is important for Enerbrain

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the impact of technology on everyday life. The enormous progress that artificial intelligence has brought forward, from deep learning to reinforcement learning, is certainly one of the key factors in this impact. At Enerbrain we believe that investing in deep learning is very important to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and, consequently, the comfort of our clients. For this reason, we have created a deep learning laboratory within our R & D…
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No matter how old the building system is, it is always worth an upgrade

In client meetings, I often hear that the existing building management system and equipment are too old, so there is no point or it is too complicated to make an energy efficiency investment. It takes time and effort to understand the variety of building automation solutions out there in the market and you may be sceptical about the new AI-empowered solution providers. Before jumping to conclusions or making any decisions on future investments - let me explain how much easier…
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Do you want to lose 26% weight?

The new year started almost a month ago and a lot of people and companies are making their New Year's resolutions. Some of you already gave up with pushups, some of you are still struggling to get up 15min earlier to find time to do burpees exercise. So let's dive into the most common New Year's resolutions, with a bit of a twist. 26% of people want to lose weight. We know this weird feeling once we step on scale…
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How can you find a great building management system partner?

When picking the partner to monitor and control what is going on in your building or portfolio, it is important to make the right decision at the very beginning. The decision you make will affect your day to day work for years or maybe even for the rest of your building´s lifetime. Some of the solution providers say that in order to achieve true energy efficiency in your building, you have to buy a new air handling unit. To swap…