Carrefour Hypermarket

Turin, Italy

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Inaugurated at the end of 1993 on the outskirts of Turin, the Le Gru shopping centre was at the time the largest hypermarket in Europe.
With 30,000 square meters of sales area and warehouses, the area occupied by Carrefour is among the largest in our country. The surface consists of a hypermarket area and numerous shops that make up the shopping mall.

Enerbrain Installation

Enerbrain has installed a number of e-nodes in addition to HVAC systems that can also remotely control valves and ventilation systems.
Wifi sensors were positioned in 43 stations inside the hypermarket to collect information on external temperature, perceived humidity and CO2 levels. Once processed by intelligent algorithms, the data is transmitted to the actuators that regulate real-time cooling, heating and air ventilation.

Enerbrain actuator installation in the rooftop

Sensor to monitor the shopping area


Through an installation that lasted only 3 days, the entire area of the hypermarket and warehouses was divided into thermal zones, each with specific characteristics and needs related to the use of space.
In real time, the consumption of the building was monitored and the objectives of comfort and savings were achieved.
From the graph on the right you can see how energy consumption for ventilation is halved with Enerbrain (green lines).