Centre Hospitalier St. Anne

Paris, France

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The Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne is an excellence in Psychiatry, Neurology and Neuro-Churgy. One of the first large hospital centres created in 1651. The new complex, built in 2011, consists of a central body with two symmetrical wings and is spread over 7 floors, two of which are underground, for a total area of 12,000 sqm. Common areas, rooms, technical rooms are heated with radiant systems on the ground while the air conditioning comes from split (AHUs).

In order to preserve the proper execution of the work of staff and operators – and the health of patients – comfort is a central point.


In just 2 days, the Enerbrain system was installed throughout the building, with wifi sensors applied to strategic areas on each floor. The actuators are installed on the adjustments of the air handling units and on the circuits of the radiant panels. Both electricity and heat are constantly monitored.


The Energy Cloud has guaranteed compliance with the setpoints throughout the test period. With high outdoor temperatures, the comfort in the indoor environment has been kept constant by acting only on the ventilation. During the 6-week test, Enerbrain recorded over 35% of thermal energy consumption.