Uffici EDP

Coimbra, Portugal

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Customer Identikit

EDP was born in Portugal as one of the world’s largest suppliers of electricity and gas. Today it is present in 14 countries and provides 10 million customers with 1.2 million gas points.
The Coimbra office building with 4 floors air-conditioned offices covering a total area of 4,000 square meters is a good example of the territorial scalability of the Enerbrain project. The initial request was to reduce electricity consumption during non-working hours.

Installation & results

After the first phase of reconnaissance and monitoring of the conditioning system, it was decided to intervene in the control of the ventilation during the night. However, comfort during working hours is also monitored, providing useful data to company managers through the practical web and mobile dashboards.

With two days of installation, Enerbrain has demonstrated that it is able to reduce almost completely the consumption of electricity outside working hours.