Endurance Fondalmec

Lombardore, (TO) Italy

Customer Identikit

Italian branch of the metallurgical multination Endurance Overseas, Endurance Fondalmec specializes in the processing and pre-assembly of castings in aluminum, cast iron and forged parts for the automotive market.

A company that makes total quality its strong point and that, precisely because of its particular field of application, needs to keep all its production processes constantly under control, also from an energy point of view.

Enerbrain for Fondalmec

Enerbrain has provided Endurance Fondalmec with an analytical dashboard, integrating it with the plant’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The Enerbrain analysis system provides detailed energy consumption data for each shift, calculates the cost of each part produced, but also the amount of emissions and other specific costs.

The plant’s energy manager can thus check the consumption of the individual machines in each period: from the parts transport line to the numerical control machines, without forgetting the general services such as lighting and motive power for the offices.


The new production line is fully monitored and automated. The IoT control systems developed by Enerbrain have enabled a reduction in the carbon footprint and a constant analysis of the power used by the various departments in real time.

We could define this realization as an exemplary model that puts into practice the revolution theorized by Industria 4.0.