Turin, Italy

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Nearly 120 years have passed since the foundation of FIAT, Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.

Today the FCA Group brings together this and 13 other brands and is the direct heir of an industrial history that has accompanied the technological development of Italy and the growth of the transport system in our country.
A growth path that today can boast a global production network composed of 159 plants for the assembly of automobiles, light commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical parts.
The path of one of the world’s largest automotive groups has also been marked by the transformation, over time, of the manufacturing model, with the opening of new plants and the closure of older plants.

Enerbrain for FCA

The Enerbrain team has carried out an energy study for the FCA Group to revamp – literally modernize – a production site that has been abandoned for more than 10 years.
More than 40 energy sustainability solutions have been developed, working side by side with the project team to upgrade the plant.

A number of other proposals were also analysed using dynamic simulation software and CFDs (computational fluid-dynamics) to identify the best areas for action.

Analyzed Solutions

Among the many solutions analysed in detail, we can mention these 5 key points:

  1. simulation of natural lighting and definition of the most appropriate lighting control systems
  2. CFD verification of the heated volume, in order to correctly define the model and the installation mesh of the turbofan units.
  3. Verification of the installation of anti-hail photovoltaic shelters in place of normal grids
  4. Verification of the insulation of the building envelope
  5. Simulation of the energy consumption of the new site, once the proposed energy containment strategies have been adopted.


Determining with certainty the future operating costs of the plant has led FCA to choose the most efficient solutions and streamlined the decision-making process that has led to the subsequent conversion of the plant. The accurate analysis during the redesign phase also prevented bad surprises once the work was finished, confirming all the simulations carried out.

Results of the fluid dynamic simulation for a high-rack section of building B. Comparison of a standard enclosure-plant system with the efficient FCA system.