8Gallery Lingotto

Turin, Italy

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The large 8 Gallery shopping mall was born inside the most important and famous industrial complex in the city dating back to the early twentieth century. The name Lingotto derives from the architecture based on bodies over 500 meters long for the production of FIAT cars, joined by five multi-story beams. Between 1923 and 1926, two helical ramps were built at the ends of the long bodies to raise the cars on the test track ingeniously planned by Giacomo Matté-Trucco on the roof of the building.

The shopping center created inside the building is therefore structured along long corridors overlooked by shops, restaurants, and services. Many of these areas have walls and glazed facades facing outwards. Indoor temperatures are heavily influenced by sunlight and therefore change drastically during the day.
Before Enerbrain, it was often necessary to open doors or windows, but this created not optimal conditions for visitors and a great waste of energy.

Enerbrain installation

Enerbrain has installed 10 wifi sensors to monitor T, Relative Humidity and CO2 in common areas as well as 30 actuators closed to the air conditioning and heating units. The data collected by the sensors are sent to Enerbrain’s intelligent devices, which intervene in the systems and regulate them in real time.


Reduction of more than 30% in energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. Energy is used only when it is needed, improving the comfort of visitors as well as the quality of life of those working in the shopping centre. Gas consumption for heating has also been reduced.