Lucrezio Caro High School

Rome, Italy

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Built in the mid-1950s between the current Music Park and the Olympic Village of Rome, the Lucrezio Caro High School is surrounded by greenery.
The building has been recently renovated but presents the classic problems of heating/cooling common to all the school buildings. First of all, the regulation of the temperatures based on the occupants of the various spaces that vary from hour to hour. Secondly, the heavy differences between the different days of the week, from Monday to Sunday.
The main goal of the high school was therefore to increase the comfort of students and teachers while reducing the consumption of natural gas.

Installation & results

A day was enough for Enerbrain to install 7 sensors and 3 actuators connected to the valves of the same number of heating systems. The next day the school managers could already receive on their smartphone or computer data collected from sensors and parameters correctly applied by the actuators also with graphs of savings, energy efficiency and comfort inside.

In a few days it was possible to verify an improvement in the air quality and comfort inside the building, improvements that benefit students’ attention and learning. Furthermore, energy consumption has decreased.