Planet – Laguna Smart City

Croatà, Brasil

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In Brazil, on the outskirts of Fortaleza, the first Social Smart City in the world is being built. A pilot project designed to outline the future of smart metropolises, which stems from the collaboration between Enerbrain and Planet Idea, an Italian company specializing in the design of smart ecosystems in urban areas.

The city is intended to accommodate about 25 thousand inhabitants and is designed according to high standards of safety, sustainability, and quality of life, but is also designed to be accessible at low cost.

Enerbrain for Planet Idea

The idea of applying all the best technologies available on the market is therefore functional to the creation of an inclusive community, located in a strategic area for the interconnection of major roads and therefore with excellent development prospects.

Enerbrain’s task is also to select and integrate IoT solutions and develop a clear and efficient energy management system, with obvious benefits for the community as a whole.

The aim is to translate on a large scale what Enerbrain and Planet Idea previously experimented at Torino Living Lab with the setting up of the first Piazza Smart in Italy, to put technological innovation at the service of citizens.