Scuola Holden

Turin, Italy

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Founded in 1994 by five friends as a school for storytellers, the Scuola Holden in Turin, in over twenty years of activity, has graduated over three hundred students and has now become the most famous reality in Italy of its kind.
Storytelling, writing, cinema, seriality, journalism, screenplay are the subjects of the school that, even today, is owned by 4 members: Alessandro Baricco, the writer, Carlo Feltrinelli, the publisher, Oscar Farinetti, the inventor of Eataly, and Andrea Guerra, one of the best managers in Italy.
Since 2013 the Scuola Holden has been housed in the former Cavalli Barracks in Piazza Borgo Dora, a military abandoned building.
The absence of temperature monitoring, a heating system not divided into sub-zones and an air-conditioning management independent of external temperatures immediately became the main problems to be solved.

Installation & results

Enerbrain initially divided the heating system of the Scuola Holden into sub-zones, installing valves for the balanced regulation of the different parts of the building.
Efficient monitoring of consumption gave the possibility to identify the critical aspects of the previous energy management, to better enhance the regulation of all the parameters of comfort and temperature.
Furthermore, it has been very important to maintain the same level of efficiency also during the events, when the influx of people inside the building increases significantly.

This allowed an increase in air quality and a reduction in energy waste.