Carignano Theater

Turin, Italy

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After the important restoration in 2009, the Carignano Theater returned to the splendor of its first performance in 1719 for the Savoy Princes of Carignano. Among the most important objectives of the theater management there was the comfort of the audience as well as, of course, the reduction of energy costs. The high variability of occupation of the building – typical of entertainment buildings – is such as to require a sudden adaptation of temperatures and air quality.
From the hall to the foyer, from the highest galleries to the parterre, to the wardrobe and then to the stage and the back with the dressing rooms: every room in the theater has different dimensions and uses.

Enerbrain installation

Enerbrain has monitored and analyzed the temperatures of the different rooms of the building, subdividing them into thermal zones.
The installation of the Enerbrain system was planned in two stages: first, sensors were installed in the room and 1 “Energy meter” for the accounting of electricity consumption; in a second time, the actual implementation phase was planned, which maximizes the saving and comfort of the theater.

Installation of the Enerbrain actuator

Camouflaged sensor with theater upholstery


The peculiarity of the building means that the uses are very different depending on the calendar of performances or events. Comfort is constantly in line with the parameters identified by management now. The audience was able to perceive and appreciate the level of attention to comfort during the shows.
Alongside, the theater also recorded an increase in season tickets for the theater season.
Relevant aspect is that the Carignano Theater can today boast the title of the “First Green Theater of Italy”.