The EBlog launch

By 12/12/2017Visions

The blog launches at a very special moment, just a few weeks after Enerbrain’s third birthday and as we are preparing for to the European Innovation Summit in the European Parliament.

These past three years have been very hard, as a simple but ingenious intuition became a reality: give more intelligence to the buildings.

Not in those still to be built, but in the places we spend most of our days: schools, offices, places of culture, leisure and shopping.

These buildings are responsible for about 40% of CO2 emissions and electricity consumption in our cities and, unfortunately, it is not possible to replace them with new buildings. For this reason, we have developed an IoT (Internet of Things) system to “make technical systems smart” in a short time, using technology to manage, for example, the distribution of heating depending on the comfort of people and the actual use of space.

We built a passionate team to make this idea a reality. They are Electronic, Energy, IT, Operational, Mechanical Engineers, Managers, Architects, Physicists, Designers, and many other professionals possessing technical, financial, legal, marketing, quality control and many other skills.

This quote is a reminder of how important it is to transform ideas into concrete projects to make innovation as accessible as possible and in the shortest time possible. For this reason, the Enerbrain project is strongly international and is part of the energy transition process in which Europe and Italy play a prominent role.

The blog is an opportunity to enter the kitchen of Enerbrain, it will talk about Software and Hardware, Industry 4.0, Smart City, Design, Operations, Marketing. The content will be all original and edited by the team of Enerbrain and some guests. Through Social Media channels, you will be able to share and comment on the articles.

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