Why all the startup must have an Advisory Board?

Why should Enerbrain have an advisory Board? How does it benefit Enerbrain?

I think these are two KEY questions for every start up, but before beginning this topic, I will try to answer to a key question: what is an advisory board?

An advisory board is a group of selected people who are recruited for the purpose of providing strategic advices to Enerbrain and supporting Enerbrain growth by driving their personal networking.

The role of an advisory board is non-binding and informal in nature. In most cases, as this happens at Enerbrain, the advisory board consists of people drawn from various walks of life, with diverse capabilities and expertise in various areas of a business.

In the case of Enerbrain, the advisory boards can be utilized to improve the internal expertise and enhance Enerbrain’s business capability.

There are some golden rules that has to be undertaken to set up a winning and committed Advisory Board:
  • select people that are committed,
  • have spare time to dedicate,
  • make them feeling a part of the company
  • define a clear and regular communication flow

Advisory boards will be leveraged to provide valuable inputs to business structuring and management, and may also provide guidance and advice on operations, marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing and at the end on people and organization; moreover the advisory board has to support the sales growth by leveraging their business network!!

At Enerbrain, we will officially set up the Advisory board on January 2018 with a clear focus Area and specific commitments from each member! We will face many challenges and we are ready to support Enerbrain leadership tu turn it from a young promising startup to a leading Company in the IoT sector! …we will keep you updated on our contribution by sharing Enerbrain best practices and successes!!

Stay tuned!!!!