Nous aimons partager notre monde pour être une source d’inspiration pour de nouvelles idées et pour nous améliorer ensemble.


Nous aimons partager notre monde pour être une source d’inspiration pour de nouvelles idées et pour nous améliorer ensemble.

La communication RP d’Enerbrain est suivie par le bureau de presse de Consilium.

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The energy market: background and future trends

The historical background In Italy, the energy market has a very recent history. It was introduced by Legislative Decree No…
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Decentralisation of the electrical energy market and the role of prosumers

The current electricity market is divided into four basic sectors: Production Every country has large power plants that produce energy,…

Enerbrain annonce une nouvelle levée de fonds de 5.2 millions d’euros

Enerbrain, jeune entreprise spécialisée dans les solutions de smart building, qui a développé une solution d'optimisation de l'efficacité énergétique des…
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ESG reporting: not a nice to have any longer – but a must have. Part 1

The context  The rise of ESG reporting is accelerated by 3 main drivers, partially competing:  the diffusion of new specific…
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Monitoring: the first step for energy efficiency

 "If you can't measure something, you can't improve it." This is one of the most famous quotes of Lord William…
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The energy transition as a key for a sustainable future

The consequences of climate change are increasingly evident in the eyes of world public opinion, especially the younger generations, who…
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Seven inhibitors that hold you back from being successful in implementing a fully optimised building management system.

There are so many hurdles and complications we create for ourselves whilst trying to fix a myriad of problems in…

Why Deep Learning is important for Enerbrain

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the impact of technology on everyday life. The enormous progress that artificial…
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No matter how old the building system is, it is always worth an upgrade

In client meetings, I often hear that the existing building management system and equipment are too old, so there is…

Do you want to lose 26% weight?

The new year started almost a month ago and a lot of people and companies are making their New Year’s…
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How can you find a great building management system partner?

When picking the partner to monitor and control what is going on in your building or portfolio, it is important…