Enerbrain improves the financial productivity and comfort of your buildings without the need to modify any of your existing systems.

Three pillars of the Enerbrain strategy


Helps to reduce carbon emissions
Promotes social responsibility


Improves the indoor air quality
Enriches the Customer experience


Reduces consumption for heating
and cooling, with a plug&play installation

Enerbrain: the retrofit IoT solution for HVAC systems

Enerbrain has patented a system of dynamic regulation of HVAC systems (heating, cooling and ventilation) that allows to improve the indoor comfort and reduce consumption for air conditioning.

Enerbrain not only responds to the real needs of spaces but organizes the information collected for the benefit of machine learning algorithms.
An application allows you to monitor the results by making available to entrepreneurs and facility managers graphs of analysis and data synthesis.

The installation is quick: it doesn’t require changes to the systems and overall it simplifies maintenance and extends its service life. The Enerbrain system is suitable for any type of HVAC system.

A win-win system designed for facility managers of companies, airports, shopping centers, hypermarkets, schools, hospitals, but also offices, banks and non-residential buildings in general.

Explainer Video
Our wireless and battery-powered sensors constantly monitor temperature, CO2, relative humidity, VOC, pressure and send data to the Cloud.
The cloud receives data and uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms that process the best parameters for comfort and energy savings to send to the control units.
The control units receive data from the Cloud and can therefore adjust the air conditioning in order to maximize comfort and reduce energy consumption by about 30%.
Thanks to the Dashboard it is possible to monitor and manage the entire building portfolio in real time.

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