Buildings are the core of sustainable development

We make them smarter, healthier and energy efficient.

Your goals, our strategy


Reduce COemissions
Promote Social Responsibility
Monitor buildings portfolio


Increase the indoor comfort
Improve the customer experience
Boost sales and productivity


Reduce 30% energy for HVAC
No change to the current system
100% HVAC system compatible

Our IoT retrofit solution for HVAC systems

Our wireless and battery powered environmental sensors constantly monitor temperature, CO2, relative humidity, VOC, pressure and send data to the Cloud.
The Cloud collects data and uses sophisticated algorithms to fine tunes the best parameters for comfort and energy savings to be sent to the system.
The control units receive output from the Cloud, so they can regulate air conditioning by guaranteeing 30% energy saving and maximum comfort.
Thanks to the Dashboard you can monitor and manage the entire real estate park in real time.

Smart HVAC Automation

Fully compatible with all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), the Enerbrain system is based on plug & play environmental sensors that monitor building parameters in real time to then improve energy efficiency.

Humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, pressure, VOC, as well as external changes in climate and number of people present, are constantly evaluated to obtain ideal comfort.

Enerbrain not only controls consumption, but also automatically intervenes to reduce it by combining existing systems with an actuator that enables the right conditions to be achieved where needed while contributing to save the planet reducing CO2 emissions.

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