Buildings are the core of sustainable development

We make them smarter, healthier and energy efficient, with no upfront investment

Designed around three keys enablers

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Promoting social responsibility
  • Mobile and Web apps to monitor buildings
  • Increases the indoor comfort
  • Improves the visitor experience
  • Increase sales and productivity
  • Reduction 30% energy for air conditioning
  • No change to the current system
  • Compatible with any HVAC system


More Projects

Energy Cloud

Smart HVAC Automation

We spend on average 90% of the time in buildings that have worse air quality than outside. Buildings absorb 40% of the world’s energy and almost 30% of it is wasted.

Enerbrain is the energy-efficient solution that allows buildings to reduce CO2 emissions, save over 30% on energy bills and improve indoor comfort.

Our Technology Product – “Energy Cloud” – consists of wireless sensors and actuators, algorithms, Mobile and Web App. Integration with HVAC systems is plug & play and is compatible with any system.

Wireless and battery sensors constantly monitor temperature, CO2, relative humidity and send data to the Cloud.
“Energy Cloud” collects data and uses sophisticated algorithms to process commands to be sent to the plants.
Thanks to the Mobile App and the Web App you can monitor and manage the entire real estate park in real time.
The control units receive output from the Cloud, so they can regulate air conditioning by guaranteeing 30% energy saving and maximum comfort.

A smart solution comes full optional

& support
Real-time control

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