We have one goal:

to make a positive a sustainable an innovative impact in our cities

We are among the first climate tech in Italy to make HVAC systems in buildings efficient and sustainable.

We offer innovative hardware, Cloud and IoT services continuously developed and improved by our team of Enerbrainers.


Digitized buildings


Corporate awards

Galeotta was
a boiler.

Enerbrain was born in 2015:
thanks to 4 friends and an innovative idea.

From the intuition of a single man to a common goal

A remarkably cold winter lit the spark: "What could be the best control algorithms to overcome sudden temperature changes, ensuring a comfortable yet efficient environment?

First steps as a start-up

"What if there was a smart solution for all buildings to reduce consumption and CO₂ emissions?"
Hence, the first experiments were born on solutions that could be easily integrated on most systems and made their operation smart.


From 89 buildings for the City of Turin to the first multi-country project on 116 industrial plants. We continue to grow and solidify our technical expertise to meet new challenges and goals.

Expertise and professionalism:
our Enerbrainers

Energy management, analysis, hardware and software developments: we have in-house a mix of skills that are critical to implementing new features and constantly improving our products.

Our approach?

Follow and listen to our customers to tailor our services according to your needs.

Would you like to join our team?

Giuseppe Giordano

Chief Executive Officer

Filippo Ferraris

Sales Director

Marco Martellacci

Head of Innovation & Grants

Francesca Freyria


Product and R&D

Riccardo Danilo Jadanza

Algorithm Leader

Davide Bruno Morciano

Algorithm Developer

Michele Morello

Hardware e Firmware Leader

Maurizio Ferraris

Hardware engineer

Angelica Saviolo

Backend Developer

Giulio Bortot

Backend Developer

Marco Morandi

Backend Developer

Giovanni Grosso

Backend Developer

Francesca Bobba

Frontend Leader

Elena Lo Verso

UX UI Designer

Innovation and Grants

Bernardo Starita

Innovation Project Manager


Lorenzo Ghiringhello

Operations manager

Paolo Lorenzutti

HVAC expert

Paolo Civitico

Operations Coordinator Building Automation

Angelo Del Giudice

Operations Coordinator Building Automation

Christian Anselmi

Operations Coordinator Building Automation

Gabriele Laudiero

Job Order Operations Manager

Laura Cafagna

Job Order Operations Manager

Lorenzo Del Giudice

Job Order Operations Manager

Francesco Manghi


Elena Catalano

Back office tecnico


Jacopo Toniolo

Head of Engineering & Support

Tiziana Buso

Engineering Leader

Donatella Calabrese

Project Engineer

Andrea Bessone

Energy Expert


Ivan Puccio

Support Leader

Giuseppe Scamardella

Support IT

Simone Briga

Supervisore termotecnico


Alberto Riboni

Area Manager Francia

Martin Vahi

Area Manager Nordics

Cinzia Ciannella

Sostituzione Back Office commerciale

Lucrezia Cianci

Back Office commerciale


Stephanie Aumann

Head of Marketing

Martina La Delfa

Marketing Communication Manager

Attilio Di Sabato

Market & regulation analyst

General Management

Giuseppe Cais

Head of Strategy

Denise Nardulli

HR Manager

Finance and Corporate Affairs

Andrea Vassia

Head of Finance and Corporate Affairs

Melissa Pace

Legal - Corporate Operations Associate

Luca Salvati

Financial Controller

Filippo Fontana


Alessandro Longo

Administration & Accounting

Jessica Banone


IPS – IT/PMO/Supply Chain

Mauro Dulla

IPS Director

Luca Alotto

IT Manager

Laura Rossin


Rino Tallarico

Production Lead

Andrea Marcis

Logistic & LAB

Toward international growth

System Partner Italy

MKSE – Co. En – Futura Smart Grid – AC Controls – Versatec – Gruppo clima – Hendo

System Partner Abroad

Energemini – Enersystem – Smartwatt