We have one goal:

to make 
a positive 
a sustainable 
an innovative 
impact in our cities

We are among the first climate tech in Italy to make HVAC systems in buildings efficient and sustainable.

We offer innovative hardware, Cloud and IoT services continuously developed and improved by our team of Enerbrainers.

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Corporate awards

Galeotta was a boiler.

Enerbrain was born in 2015:
thanks to 4 friends and an innovative idea.

From the intuition of a single man to a common goal
A remarkably cold winter lit the spark: "What could be the best control algorithms to overcome sudden temperature changes, ensuring a comfortable yet efficient environment?
From the intuition of a single man to a common goal
First steps as a start-up
"What if there was a smart solution for all buildings to reduce consumption and CO₂ emissions?" Hence, the first experiments were born on solutions that could be easily integrated on most systems and made their operation smart.
First steps as a start-up
From 89 buildings for the City of Turin to the first multi-country project on 116 industrial plants. We continue to grow and solidify our technical expertise to meet new challenges and goals.

Expertise and professionalism: our Enerbrainers

Energy management, analysis, hardware and software developments: we have in-house a mix of skills that are critical to implementing new features and constantly improving our products.

Our approach?
Follow and listen to our customers to tailor our services according to your needs.

Team Enerbrain

Co-Founder Enerbrain

Giuseppe Giordano

Chief Executive Officer

Filippo Ferraris

Chief Sales Officer

Marco Martellacci

Chief Innovation Officer

Francesca Freyria


Toward international growth

Enerbrain Team Network

System Partner Italy

MKSE - Co. En - Futura Smart Grid - AC Controls - Versatec - Gruppo clima - Hendo

System Partner Abroad

Energemini - Enersystem - Smartwatt

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