ISO 9001

Quality Policy - ISO 9001

Enerbrain SRL focuses its Quality Policy on the ability to meet the needs of the Customer.

Enerbrain SRL is guided on this path by core values such as:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Confidentiality

The implementation of this Policy is planned, achieved and verified by means of the implementation of an operational ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System with the full involvement and support of the Management.

To achieve its objectives, Enerbrain :

  • Employs personnel with high professionalism and technical preparation, in constant training growth;
  • Rigorously selects its suppliers, carefully analyzing the market and its innovative products;
  • It complies with safety regulations, focusing its attention on personnel and the workplace;
  • Is prepared to adjust its corporate structure by following regulatory updates;
  • Strives for attention to detail, flexibility and transparency to achieve complete satisfaction of customer needs.

Enerbrain makes the following general commitments:

  • Assess product and service quality by ascertaining the level of customer satisfaction;
  • Monitor activities affecting the Quality Management System in order to identify non-conformities:
    • Of the product
    • Of the process
    • Of the service
  • Measure the cost of non-quality and activate appropriate corrective actions;
  • Verify the objectives for quality, at the Management Review, evaluating processes and their effectiveness by taking improvement actions;
  • Analyze the internal and external context in which Enerbrain operates, taking into consideration the expectations and needs of stakeholders;
  • Plan business strategies based on the analysis of risks and opportunities;
  • Plan meetings with staff to inform them about the Quality Management System and actively involve them in order to foster product and service improvement;
  • Establish environmental programs geared toward reducing significant environmental impacts;
  • Prevent environmental pollution;
  • Improve workers’ response to environmental emergencies;
  • Optimize the use of energy resources, avoiding waste and using the best available technologies



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