Energy consulting

Our team’s experience at your service

Our experts will be able to offer you the best solution to meet your analysis requirements, using their technical expertise and tools to resolve problems and put solutions in place that are fit for purpose.

State of the art analysis

An energy consultancy and verification of the HVAC systems in your buildings, also carried out through on-site site surveys.

Performance analysis

The evaluation of energy and/or environmental performance using data provided by the Client and the Enerbrain System already installed.

Technical documentation

Production of documentation that assists energy improvement interventions (e.g., energy audits).

Business intelligence

The creation of a customizable dashboard for detailed visualization of energy data for strategic considerations.

consulenza energetica

A wide range of solutions depending on your requirements

Whether you have a specific need or want to understand which course of action to undertake in order to improve your buildings’ energy performance, energy consulting is the first step on our sustainability and optimization journey together.

Advantages and benefits

Enerbrain experts to support

Our team’s expertise can meet a range of different and specific requirements.


Drafted on a monthly/quarterly basis and aimed at visualizing analysis results.

of issues

Through our intervention, it will be possible to highlight any critical issues remotely and suggest possible solutions.


The customized dashboard will enable strategic decision-making and establish relevant KPIs based on objective data.

Energy consulting for Banco BPM

With its focus on innovation and energy efficiency, Banco BPM has chosen Enerbrain consulting to analyze its real estate stock (1,727 branches), to highlight average consumption and possible anomalies, and optimize its level of energy efficiency and environmental impact accordingly.

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