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We increase the intelligence of the HVAC system

Use our services in a scalable and customizable way according to your needs and goals on the field.

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Monitor environmental comfort and use the data for strategic decisions and reports.




Gain insight of the most energy-intensive processes and machineries.


HVAC system


Reduce costs, lower CO₂ emissions, and optimize HVAC systems.


The benefits of digitalisation

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The hardware, IoT solutions based in the Cloud and used in our Enerbrain services are designed to integrate with elements already in the field and make your system smarter and even better performing.

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Retrofit Installation

Thanks to the flexibility of our solutions, we integrate via API or Modbus with existing systems and BMSs.

Remote management

Monitor consumption, comfort conditions and HVAC systems remotely with IoT devices in the Cloud and the Enerbrain Web App.

Reduce consumption

Monitor the loads that generate the highest consumption and take timely action where and when needed.

Monitor environmental comfort

Monitor environmental parameters of temperature, relative humidity and CO₂ concentration of buildings in real-time.

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