Reduce costs with IoT and Cloud technologies

HVAC optimization is our flagship solution: born to improve indoor comfort, remotely monitor and optimize your HVAC system.

Flexible integration

We can integrate on different types of HVAC systems and with devices already installed in the field.

Cloud-based platform

View consumption, set environmental setpoints and control your building portfolio via our Enerbrain Web App.

Smart Algorithm

Enerbrain’s Cloud-based algorithm improves the operation of the plant or individual elements through a specific optimization logic.

orrimizzazione hvac

We simplify complexity

Our IoT devices and Enerbrain’s cloud-based architecture adapt to all kinds of different situations ‘on the ground’:

  • we can control existing individual field elements (e.g., AHUs or boilers)
  • manage the entire HVAC system via your existing BMS
  • create a new solution entirely based in the Cloud

Flexibility and experience at your service.

We can tailor HVAC Optimization service to your needs. Which of these do you fit into?

We can implement one thanks to the BEMS Cloud solution. An intelligent BMS completely cloudbase with which to control the plant remotely easily, saving energy thanks to the intelligent optimization logics of our algorithm, define and analyze KPIs and monitor plants for strategic decisions.

Enerbrain makes complexity simple: thanks to our user-friendly Web App, you will be able to control your entire building portfolio from a single interface. In addition, the intelligent algorithms of our solution will allow you to save an average of 12 to 30% and reduce CO₂ emissions.

Enerbrain, our Algorithm’s optimising logic, adds intelligence to the operation of your system through cloud-based controls and with IoT devices that are continuously updated and easily integrated.

On our Web App you will be able to view consumption, calendars, environmental setpoints and element status directly at the touch of a button.

Enerbrain simplifies the complexity: energy managers, facility managers, and even laypersons will be able to easily view the data collected on the Web App and control settings remotely.

The Steps of HVAC Optimization

ottimizzaione HVAC Sopralluogo

Site survey

Depending on the characteristics and function of the spaces, our experts will assess the amount and type of sensors (T, RH, and CO₂) to be used.

Monitoraggio Ambientale

eSense Installation

In a few hours, eSenses are placed and activated.


Cloud activation

Environmental data is collected and processed in our Cloud Architecture.

Controller Installation

On individual elements or the entire machine, our IoT controllers are installed.

Enerbrain Web App

Energy managers and building managers can check monitored values in real-time.

Advantages and benefits

Savings of 12 to 30% on the HVAC quota

With intelligence in the cloud you will improve the behavior of the system, reducing its consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Improve indoor

Integrate data from eSense into the BMS to improve comfort, indoor quality, and ensure healthier spaces

Fast return
on investment

Optimizing HVAC systems can pay back the expense quickly (6-8 months).


Customized dashboard will allow you to make strategic decisions and establish relevant KPIs based on objective data.

Enerbrain experts
on hand

Our team of energy experts will support you from the initial phase, through the concrete use of the platform, to the creation of customized reports.


Enerbrain will not give you advice on how to best optimize your plant, but will allow you to control it directly.

We have these integration modes for you

Man in the Middle

Spot-on control over plant components

Man in the Middle

Spot-on control over plant components

Enerbrain as a Service

The optimization and integration of the present BMS

Enerbrain as a Service

The optimization and integration of the present BMS

BEMS Cloud

The creation of a new BEnergyMS in the Cloud

BEMS Cloud

The creation of a new BEnergyMS in the Cloud

Implement and make your plant efficient!

Schedule a call with our team and find out what savings you can achieve with HVAC optimization.

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