Environmental monitoring

Internal comfort monitored

Get a real-time overview of the climatic conditions of your interior spaces, environmental parameters and improve the comfort of the occupants.

Indoor temperature

Improves occupant comfort by real-time monitoring of temperatures in rooms.

Relative humidity

Punctual check on water vapor concentration in indoor air.

CO₂ level

A key indicator of air healthiness, to consciously act on ventilation.

Made in Enerbrain

The eSense sensors and Web App are designed, manufactured and developed in-house.

Awareness is the first step towards change.

With environmental monitoring, you will be able to make choices objectively and, if integrated with your air conditioning system functioning, employ them to ensure a comfortable environment and improve indoor air quality.

Want to get started?

The steps of environmental monitoring


Depending on the characteristics and use of the spaces, our experts will assess the amount and type of sensors (T, RH, and CO₂) to be set up.


In a few hours, the eSenses are placed and activated.

Cloud Activation

Environmental data is collected and processed in our Cloud.

Enerbrain Web App

Energy managers and building managers can check monitored values in real-time.

Advantages and benefits

Real-time visualization

A single platform that will allow you to collect, download, view the history of environmental parameters.

Plug&Play installation

Activation of eSenses takes just a few minutes, the time of a click and they will start monitoring immediately.

Evidence-based decisions

The customized dashboard will enable strategic decision-making and establish relevant KPIs based on objective data.

Enerbrain experts to support

Our team’s expertise can meet a range of different and specific requirements.

Integration with local BMS

You can integrate data and act on climate control to ensure improved indoor comfort.

Does environmental monitoring have any particular technical requirements?

No technical requirements needed.
Should it be necessary to expand the coverage of the Sigfox network, we can compensate with an accessory antenna to the sensor.

How does Enerbrain integrate with existing systems?

Using the Modbus protocol, we can exchange data with the local BMS via a gateway. It is also possible to integrate the data collected by the eSense into other platforms via API.

How secure is data transmission over the cloud?

All monitored variables and data are encrypted and transited on Cloud servers with very high Cybersecurity standards.

What are the commissioning timelines?

Installation of all eSense takes only a few hours (a few minutes for each individual sensor). Upon receipt of the order we plan installation in the next 6-8 weeks depending on material availability.

How can I purchase the service?

You can purchase the service directly from Enerbrain or choose an operational rental through the Rent4You service in partnership with Intesa San Paolo.

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