Web App

For visualization and control of your building stock

Functional characteristics

The Enerbrain Web App can be used by Energy Managers and Facility Managers to control individual buildings or groups of buildings. With an interface that’s simple and easy to use, modular, and fully customisable, you have all the data you need for the energy management of every single building, immediately at hand. Thanks to the Cloud solution, the Web App is accessible anywhere using a browser. The following can be monitored and managed for each building:
  • the internal environmental conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and air quality
  • the status of the regulating devices
  • energy consumption
  • the complete calendar of room use
  • the set-points of the various environments
The user can set the times when the various parts of the building will be occupied and the set-points to use for each of the same, managing a weekly or daily calendar. The user can customise alerts to receive so they’re always informed on the operating status of the systems managed by Enerbrain. The Web App can also be used to activate ByPass mode, restoring existing regulating system control at various levels: this can be applied to the entire building or just certain components.

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