Efficiency and Comfort for train stations of a central european rail company


Location: Austria
Buildings: Offices, Trainstation shopping area
Air conditioning system: Full Air Handling Units

The Client

The customer is a provider of comprehensive mobility services which pays attention in delivering a climate-friendly trip.

An on/off test was carried out to show the functioning of the overall energy savings for HVAC in several buildings, with an average of 25%. Thanks to the Enerbrain solution, energy consumption was reduced without sacrificing comfort.


The pilot project aims at showcasing the functionalities of Enerbrain system for monitoring and managing the HVAC systems.


  • Achieve energy savings
  • Ensure comfortable indoor conditions
  • Support facility management

Enerbrain instals wireless controllers which, leveraging the in-built IoT platform, optimise and control the existing HVAC systems.

These actions on HVAC components are dictated by commands elaborated by the Enerbrain cloud-based system. The system uses the desired settings for the building (e.g. temperature set-points and schedules), a number of external variables (e.g. weather data) and the real-time monitored conditions by the Enerbrain monitoring hardware (e.g. indoor temperatures, fluid temperatures). as inputs for its commands.


Optimization of energy efficiency of the existing HVAC system

Maintaining conditions of interior spaces comfortable for the occupants

Compliance with set-points and reducing the risk of underperformance

Automatic control, centralized and remote control of the plant

Daily electricity use for ventilation with and without Enerbrain control active.

Graphic reference year: 2020

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