Reducing energy consumption through strategic KPIs across a portfolio of branches


Country: Italy
Branches: 1,436 branches
Employees: ~ 20,000
Customers: 3.8 Millions

The Client

Banco BPM is the third largest banking group in Italy. Established in 2017 from the union of Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano, it is present throughout the country. Always looking to the future and continuously seeking innovation, Banco BPM pays a lot of attention to its energy efficiency.


Energy savings
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Total branches
Branches with internal comfort monitoring
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Banco BPM, banking group long committed to reducing its environmental impact, has relied on Enerbrain to digitize the consumption monitoring of its more than 1,000 branches. The project involved the development of an energy management platform that allows users to analyze consumption, create and monitor trends using benchmarks and performance indicators, meeting the requirements of the ISO 50001 Management System.

Banco BPM's needs

Environmental sustainability

Reduce environmental impact through innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency

Digitalising and analysing energy consumption to identify areas for improvement and optimise energy use.

Integrated data management

Having a single, ISO 50001 compliant tool that integrates data from different sources.

Analysis and decisions

Receive scenario analyses to estimate potential savings and support informed decisions.

The solution

A single business intelligence platform developed by the Enerbrain team

An advanced energy management dashboard to:

  • digitise branch energy consumption
  • integrate environmental and energy by Enerbrain and bill monitoring data provided by SEPI
  • derive scenario analyses useful to support energy and financial decision-making processes
  • identify critical issues and energy optimisation objectives

Scenario analyses

based on objectives and monitored data

Criticality identification

via navigable navigable report charts

Focus on consumption

Comparison of daytime and night-time hours

Focus on indoor comfort

comparison of indoor temperature and comfort

Advantages and benefits

Remote anomaly analysis

Detection of possible anomalies, confirmed by field checks in 49% of cases. 

Improved operations of teams

Improved operational efficiency by optimising energy use and reducing waste.

Improved comfort internal

Remote and real-time monitoring of comfort conditions with eSense sensors in over 100 branches.

Verification of ISO 50001 Certification

The platform was continuously used for the verification of ISO 50001 certification on all branches.

From 2019
we collaborate
with Banco BPM

in improving energy efficiency and adopting sustainable practices

Start of collaboration
Start of the collaboration between Enerbrain and Banco BPM and initial analysis of branches to create electricity consumption benchmarks.
Development of Energy Management Platform
Creation of dashboard to analyse consumption trends, internal parameters and possible areas for optimisation using data from energy bills provided by SEPI and Enerbrain environmental monitoring.
Energy consumption monitoring
Implementation of the first Enerbrain intelligent systems for remote monitoring of energy consumption.
Project extension
Expansion of the platform to include master and comfort data with continuous integration of IoT sensors for real-time comfort monitoring.
Optimisation and results
Continued use of the platform for verification of ISO 50001 certification across all branches.
Achievement of energy saving targets (-10% compared to 2021).
Implementation of scenario analysis functionalities for informed decisions in extraordinary maintenance operations.

What services have we implemented?


Environmental Monitoring


Enerbrain is a partner that supports each company's sustainability journey, providing tools to measure and report consumption, an indispensable preliminary step for any efficiency project

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