Reducing energy consumption through strategic KPIs across a portfolio of branches


Country: Italy
Branches: 1.727
Employees: 21.941
Customers: 3.8 Millions

The Client

Banco BPM is the third largest banking group in Italy. Established in 2017 from the union of Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano, it is present throughout the country. Always looking to the future and continuously seeking innovation, Banco BPM pays a lot of attention to its energy efficiency.


0 Milion
records analysed
Total branches
0 %
Branches with monitoring system


Following a number of plant upgrades recently implemented, the group wanted to deepen its analysis of its energy and environmental efficiency level while assessing the possibility of further improvements.
Together, the consumption of all the branches in the building stock was analysed, highlighting average behaviour and any anomalies. Subsequently, the expected benchmark consumption was defined based on the typological data of the branches.

Enerbrain supported Banco BPM in a consultancy project divided between the analysis of consumption and the updating of the benchmarks already in use. Specifically, the project was divided as follows: consumption analysis, updating of the Benchmarks, specific analysis of the branches with BMS.

The data collected through monitoring made it possible to adjust the systems according to the logic of optimising consumption and adapting the air-conditioning parameters during the facility’s operating hours, while guaranteeing comfort during the irregular occupation of the spaces.

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