of Turin

Efficient management of a building portfolio.


Country: Italy
Buildings number: 89
HVAC consumption: btw 17.000€ and 165.000€
HVAC system: radiators, condensing boilers.

The Client

Enerbrain is working with Iren to improve the energy efficiency and environmental comfort of a cluster of buildings in the Municipality of Turin, consisting mainly of schools, offices and recreational buildings. The project will run until 2026.


CO₂ not emitted in one year
0 t
Time in comfort
0 %
Energy efficiency
0 %


The scalability of Enerbrain’s energy efficiency solution was the key to the project. The overall objective was to ensure the same standards of comfort and energy efficiency in buildings with different uses. Enerbrain installed its monitoring and actuation system in all the buildings, allowing a unified and simple management of it through the supplied dashboard.

This allowed to have an overview of the entire portfolio and significant benefits in terms of energy savings, comfort for the
occupants, reduction of CO₂ emissions for citizens. The objectives set together with the customer:

  • 6700 MWh energy efficiency equivalent to 15%
  • 24h/24 remote control with simultaneous management of a large real estate portfolio

Project features:

  • 89 buildings were installed in 4 weeks.
  • All buildings are monitored via dashboards.
  • The impact is positive both for the environment and for all citizens: there is less CO2 in the air as if the city had 100,000 new trees.

Thermal energy savings achieved in the heating season (pre-COVID lockdown)

Graphic reference year: 2019-2020

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