Quickly adapt temperature and air quality in a space with a high variability of occupancy.


Country: Italy
Sqm: 3.800
HVAC consumption: 54.000€
HVAC system: all air supply, radiant floor, condensed heat pump and water.

The Client

After the important restoration in 2009, the Carignano Theatre of Turin began to work for the improvement of comfort.
From the hall to the foyer, from the highest galleries to the parterre, to the wardrobe and then to the stage and back with the changing rooms: each room of the theatre has different dimensions and uses.


CO₂ not emitted in one year
0 t
Time in comfort
0 %
Energy efficiency
0 %


The high occupancy variability of the building – typical of entertainment buildings – is such as to require a sudden adaptation of temperatures and air quality. Enerbrain monitored and analysed the temperature, relative humidity and CO₂ parameters of the various rooms in the building and divided them into thermal zones.


Subsequently, the times of use of the structure were set so as to manage the high variability of occupancy of the building. 


Finally, actuators have been installed to increase the efficiency of the systems following the data collected by the sensors. The building became smarter and responsive to the needs in two days of installation, increasing the comfort for the public during the shows.

Monthly HVAC-related electricity use before (“Baseline”) and after installing Enerbrain (“Enerbrain ON”) and related savings.

Graphic reference year: 2018-2019

First green theater of Italy

Teatro Carignano

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