Energy monitoring

Identify and reduce waste where needed

The solution for those who want visibility of energy consumption and its trends in their buildings’ portfolio in one click and gain awareness of the most energy-intensive processes and machinery

Energy vectors

Monitors consumption of: electricity, gas, thermie (calories and/or refrigeration), water, compressed air.

Meters reading

We integrate with meters in the field via Mbus, Modbus or pulse lance equipped protocols.

One Cloud Platform

Monitor consumption, view history and control your building stock with the Enerbrain Web App.

Dettagli Monitoraggio energetico

Real data to support the de-carbonization path

With our IoT solutions we can disaggregate energy vectors such as:
  • Have insight into the energy consumption of an individual area of the building (e.g., lights on all day in the cafeteria space) Monitor the consumption of an individual machinery within a production line.
It is possible to integrate via API this data within a comprehensive monitoring system (e.g., EMIS) in order to get an in-depth view of the business, make decisions targeted energy efficiency actions, and calculate the ROI of future investments.

The steps of energy monitoring


Our experts will discuss with you to identify the loads to be monitored and their technical characteristics.


The eMeters are installed, connected to the switchboards or machinery to be monitored and then ready to collect data from monitoring.

Cloud activation

Energy variables, chosen by you, are collected and processed in our Cloud Architecture.

Enerbrain Web App

Energy managers and building managers can check monitored values in real-time.

Advantages and benefits


A single platform that allows you to collect, download, view the real time or history of environmental parameters in your buildings.

Reduction of

By identifying the most energy-consuming processes and machinery you will be able to take corrective action (achieving average potential savings of 5-7%*).


*according to industry technical literature


The customized dashboard will enable strategic decision-making and establish relevant KPIs based on objective data.

Enerbrain experts
to support

Our team’s expertise can meet a range of different and specific requirements.

The installation and type of eMeter used (15 or 30 gates) depends on the loads to be monitored.

With our eMeters we can monitor electrical energy using current clamps. Otherwise integrate existing meters using Modbus and M-bus communication protocols.

All monitored variables and data are encrypted and transited on Cloud servers with very high Cybersecurity standards.

In 6-8 weeks from receipt of the order we will be able to install, commission and activate the monitoring service.

You can purchase the service directly from Enerbrain or choose an operational rental through the Rent4You service in partnership with Intesa San Paolo.

Discover eMeter

The Metering Panel developed by Enerbrain for monitoring single-phase and three-phase electric utilities.

For timely energy monitoring in the cloud.


Want to find out in detail where you consume the most?

Schedule a call with our team and discover the potential of energy monitoring.

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