Localised regulation with thermal zones.


Country: Italy
Sqm: 15.000
HVAC consumption: 285.000€
HVAC system: all air, boilers and refrigeration units

The Client

The second largest Carrefour hypermarket in Italy is located inside Le Gru shopping centre. The hypermarket is developed on two levels characterised by a distinct building envelope: the upper level is in fact delimited by a glass roof, unlike the lower one. In addition to the influence of the external climate, the irregular occupancy profile requires management of the spaces and systems.


CO₂ not emitted in one year
0 t
Time in comfort
0 %
Energy efficiency
0 %


Each area of the hypermarket has different needs for air conditioning and ventilation depending on the activities that take place there (checkout area, warehouse, fruit and vegetable department, etc. ..). In order to meet the precise comfort and saving needs at the same time, Enerbrain has divided the hypermarket into thermal zones.

Each thermal area has been constantly monitored and the systems dedicated to it have been adjusted according to thermal
requirements, environmental conditions and occupation in real time, in order to ensure a positive customer experience and an optimal working environment for employees.

Project features:

  • 3 days of installation.
  • All areas monitored and managed.
  • Comfort and energy saving in all managed thermal zones.

Monthly HVAC-related expenditures before (“Baseline”) and after installing Enerbrain (“Enerbrain ON”).

Graphic reference year: 2020

Comfort and efficiency for a better customer experience
Carrefour Italia

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