Air conditioning regulation to reduce discomfort peaks.


Country: Italy
Sqm: 10.000
HVAC bill: 350.000€
HVAC system: tall air, boilers and refrigeration unit.

The Client

Turin Shopping centre, Lingotto is structured on long corridors overlooked by shops, restaurants and services. Many of these areas overlook the outside with walls and glass facades. Indoor temperatures are heavily influenced by sunlight and therefore change dramatically during the day.


CO₂ not emitted in one year
0 t
Time in comfort
0 %
Energy efficiency
0 %


Given the intended use of the building, people’s flow is irregular, with significant peaks in the hours of restaurant service. Air conditioning regulation often required manual interventions and could not therefore meet the needs of the building that needed a implementation following historical patterns of turnout.


Enerbrain first of all monitored constantly the critical areas (north and south side) with the greatest sun exposure at different times of the day. Thanks to the processing in our Cloud of the data collected by the sensors and the weather forecasts, Enerbrain adjusted the building with logics with respect to customer needs. This type of regulation avoided further energy waste and ensured greater comfort for the customers of the shopping centre.

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