Torre J

Energy saving with equal indoor comfort.


Country: Italy
Sqm: 10.000
Air conditioning system: district heating, two multipurpose heat pumps, primary air and CAV.

The Client

The Tower J skyscraper is a 10-story office-use tower characterized by a predominantly glazed envelope, resulting in interior temperatures influenced by solar exposure.


CO₂ not emitted in one year
0 t
Time in comfort
0 %
Energy efficiency
0 %


10-storey tower building for office use. It is characterised by a predominantly glazed envelope, with consequent internal temperatures strongly influenced by sun exposure. Given the type of building and envelope, the client requested to monitor the environmental conditions of the offices in order to increase internal comfort and reduce the economic impact of energy costs. First of all, the 3i group, Enerbrain’s partner, carried out the flash audit which highlighted the consumption and problems related to air conditioning and ventilation.


Then Enerbrain intervened on the regulation of ventilation, but above all on the management of the operating temperatures of the multi-purpose groups, programming their function according to the variation in requirements during the day. This was possible thanks to the installation of about 50 environmental sensors, 3 devices on the AHU and 2 modbus actuators on the two generators.

Finally, managers, owners and maintenance companies have the possibility of monitoring the building’s performance in real time, both in terms of comfort and energy consumption for air conditioning.

  • Installation in 1 day
  • Increased employee comfort level
  • Increased energy savings thanks to generation control

Monthly cooling consumption in occupied days used before (“Baseline”) and after installing Enerbrain (“Enerbrain ON”).

Graphic reference year: 2019

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