Efficiency strategies for heating system retrofits


Country: Italy
Sqm: 70.000
HVAC consumption: 800.000€
HVAC system: all air just heating

The Client

Large industrial warehouse located in northern Italy, where intervention was required to improve the level of indoor comfort and energy performance.


Thermal energy saving
0 %
Remote Control
Electrical energy
0 %


Enerbrain worked on the project with two main objectives:

  • Optimise the ventilation and heating system of a large industrial building, minimising consumption and ensuring maximum control of the system with very high heat loads in a very high environment (ovens);
  • Use existing hardware peripherals: a movicon system on modbus protocol with which Enerbrain manages 400 variables.

To achieve these objectives, Enerbrain’s technical team shared with the customer the control logic of the existing probes and actuators. The system uses all the field elements already installed by the customer. It has also logically separated the warehouse into thermal zones of competence, underlying the different thermal loads endogenously, using a specific energy survey provided by the customer.


Check on:

  • 10 Flow diverters
  • 17 Switchboards supporting 134 Destratifiers
  • 21 AHU

Dashboard for plant monitoring

caso studio dashboard sinottico

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