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The interface with the existing BMS

The interface with the existing BMS


The Enerbrain as a Service solution is ideal for optimising an existing control system. It can be applied to individual medium, big or larger buildings controlled by the same system.

What can Enerbrain do for me?


Enerbrain configures an eGateway with dedicated software to enable communication between the control system and the Cloud using the Modbus protocol, to adjust existing settings. eGateway can acquire energy and environmental monitoring data already sent to the existing control system.


The architecture can be customised to meet your own personal requirements.

Enerbrain can place other (eSense) sensors in the environment to monitor the T, RH, CO₂ and install eMeters on the basis of the utility to monitor.



There the data received from the Enerbrain devices can be displayed using the Web App.



The implementation maintains comfort with the maximum efficiency.


The Enerbrain as a Service solution uses the infrastructure of the existing control system to read and/or write the selected variables, in order to control the operating parameters of the various system components.

How does Enerbrain interact with the system?


Enerbrain provides an eGateway so the existing control system and the Cloud can communicate. Said communication is made possible by some changes made to the software of the existing control system to set up the data link.


The Cloud sends commands to the system components using the following input: the desired settings for the building, a series of external variables and the conditions monitored by eSense.


Wi-Fi/GSM/ETH Gateway with external antenna


Wi-Fi/GSM/ETH Gateway with external antenna
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An example of an Enerbrain as a Service architecture application follows.

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