ESG: Enerbrain and Garc SpA join forces in the development of environmental sustainability projects for buildings

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Enerbrain and Garc SpA announce that they have signed a partnership for the mutual integration of industrial and commercial ESG projects.

The decision to work together stems from sharing a modus operandi that integrates both technical and technological excellence with objectives of sustainability and economic enhancement of the territory. Both companies believe in the concept of urban regeneration, ecological and energy as a model for implementing projects for the protection of the environment, the improvement of cities, the welfare of people and the sharing of social spaces.


Garc SpA was founded in 1975, establishing itself in the design and construction of buildings for civil and industrial use. Today, GARC defines itself as a modern and cutting-edge regenerative company, which operates inspired by the common welfare and uses business as a positive force to promote a more just, inclusive and respectful society.

The company’s philosophy is to rebuild the environment by creating buildings capable of interacting positively with the context and offering advanced technological services. In harmony with these values, the company has measured its environmental impact profile and obtained, in 2020, the B Corporation certification

A leading company in the sector, the first general contractor in Italy to have obtained UNI certification on the application of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) process up to the seventh dimension, in the field of industrial construction Garc SpA is a strategic partner of Enerbrain, a Turin-based company that has developed an innovative system that combines AI and IoT to manage the energy performance of a buildingreduce consumption (by an average of 30%), reduce CO₂ emissions and improve air quality.

The partnership will begin with energy efficiency upgrades at Garc SpA’s headquarters in Carpi (MO) by Enerbrain, which will install its cloud-based monitoring and management system for the building’s energy performance to make it smart and environmentally friendly. 


Following this, the two companies plan to share their products, adopting each other’s technologies with the aim of developing an integrated building design model that is expandable and adaptable, even on a large scale. 


Among the products Garc SpA is working on: Arca, acronym for Remote Assistance of Business Continuity, a latest generation technology that allows those who are on the other side of the world to be in the same place as the operator with whom they are communicating through glasses and tablets.


For Andrea Grillenzoni, General Manager of Garc SpA, “Generating profit does not only mean doing business, but also planning the future starting from the sharing of skills and experience, technology and humanity. In these terms, the synergy with Enebrain comes from sharing an ethical approach to the construction and management of real estate: Enerbrain pursues the same goals of sustainability as us and, therefore, we decided to develop our markets in a collaborative way, under the sign of interdependence.”


Enerbrain CEO Giuseppe Giordano also commented, “We are very happy to have found in GARC a partner aligned with our mission to simplify the energy transition for our customers. Together we can really make a difference in the fight against climate change by implementing concrete projects that reduce the energy consumption of buildings already under construction or provide retrofit solutions for the existing building stock throughout Italy and the world. For us at Enerbrain, this partnership is strategic, fundamental to our growth and to playing in a different league.”

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